Garfeld (Seinfeld + Garfield)

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Garfeld (Seinfeld + Garfield)

Garfeld é uma mistura das trilhas sonoras do popular americano Seinfeld e a do desenho do Garfield que passava muito antigamente no Cartoon Network.

Pelo o que entendemos, a combinação foi feita pelo Nelward:

A letra da música é a seguinte:

Friends are there....
To help you get started, to give you a push on your way!
Friends are there.....
To turn you around, get your feet on the ground for a brand new day!
They'll pick you up when you're down!
Help you swallow your pride, when something inside's gotta break on through, to the other side!
Friends are someone you can open up to...
When you feel like you're ready to flip!
When you've got, the world on your shoulders...
Friends are there to give you a tip!
Friends are there when you need them, they're even there when you don't!
For a walk in the park, or a shot in the dark! Friends are there...
I don't care.
Friends are there.....
for yoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOU!